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alt telecom powers Atlantic Canada with ultra-reliable business VoIP, leveraging strategic locations and top-tier partners for seamless low latency connectivity.

Network Resilience

alt telecom has meticulously designed a robust network infrastructure to support the high demands of business VoIP communications across Atlantic Canada. Our primary network sites are located in Halifax at the EXA Edge Data Center and in Moncton at the Fibre Centre. These strategic locations were chosen to minimize latency and optimize connectivity, ensuring seamless service delivery to our clients. Each site is well-connected through a series of transit peers, including BellAliant, Hurricane Electric, Eastlink, Rogers, TekSavvy and Xplore, which enhances our network's redundancy and resilience. This geographical and technical setup allows us to provide reliable, high-quality voice services tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the region.

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Moncton, New Brunswick


Fibre Centre
770 St George Blvd
Moncton, NB

Transit Peers:

BellAliant (AS855)
Eastlink (AS11260)
Rogers (AS812)
Xplore (AS3367)

Halifax, Nova Scotia


EXA Edge DC Halifax
7071 Bayers Rd
Halifax, NS

Transit Peers:

BellAliant (AS855)
Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

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Our Platform

In powering our network, alt telecom employs a fully open-source software stack that includes Ceph, Proxmox, CouchDB, Kamailio, FreeSwitch, and VoIP Monitor. Ceph offers a highly scalable and reliable storage solution, while Proxmox facilitates efficient server virtualization, enhancing our network’s agility. CouchDB provides robust data management capabilities, crucial for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of client information. Kamailio and FreeSwitch are integral for high-performance SIP routing and versatile telephony applications, respectively. VoIP Monitor ensures comprehensive monitoring and analysis of VoIP traffic, aiding in the optimization and troubleshooting of our telephony services. This combination of advanced open-source technologies not only ensures operational excellence but also allows for unparalleled flexibility and customizability in our service offerings, setting a strong foundation for innovation and quality in our VoIP solutions.

The Yealink SIP-T44U is a sophisticated SIP phone designed for modern business environments, offering a sleek 2.8-inch color LCD with backlight for easy navigation. It supports up to 12 SIP accounts and enhances call quality with Yealink’s Optima HD Voice, which includes features like Acoustic Shield and Smart Noise Filtering for clearer communication. The device boasts dual-port Gigabit Ethernet for fast and reliable network connectivity and is compatible with various expansion modules to enhance its functionality. Additionally, it supports USB recording and can be used with a headset or mounted on a wall, providing flexibility and convenience for diverse office setups.

Groundwire by Acrobits is a highly efficient SIP softphone app for Android and iOS that offers exceptional audio quality and robust security features. It is particularly praised for its ability to seamlessly transition between WiFi and mobile data during calls, ensuring consistent connectivity without dropping calls. Additionally, Groundwire enhances battery life through its effective use of push notifications, which minimizes battery usage while maintaining constant connectivity. This combination of seamless call transition and improved battery efficiency makes Groundwire an ideal choice for users who need reliable and long-lasting communication capabilities on their mobile devices.

The Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter is designed for seamless interoperability with existing paging systems, providing a straightforward solution for integrating VoIP environments with traditional analog setups. It features an isolated and balanced line output that eliminates hum and noise, ensuring clear audio when connected to traditional amplifiers. The device supports wideband HD voice for high speech intelligibility and includes capabilities for both multicast to IP endpoints and direct line output to support unified public address systems efficiently. With its user-friendly web interface for configuration and the ability to handle secure SIP communications, the 8301 makes upgrading to a modern IP-based system while maintaining existing infrastructure both simple and cost-effective.

The Grandstream HT812 is an advanced analog telephone adapter (ATA) designed to support business and enterprise applications efficiently. It offers T.38 fax-over-IP protocol support, which is crucial for businesses that rely on fax capabilities for document transmission without compromising on speed and reliability. This feature, along with dual FXS ports and a built-in Gigabit NAT router, makes the HT812 highly suitable for professional settings requiring robust VoIP services. The device facilitates seamless integration of VoIP technology into existing analog systems, providing enterprises with a cost-effective solution to enhance their communication infrastructure. With capabilities like advanced telephony features, strong security protocols, and automated provisioning, the HT812 stands out as a reliable choice for businesses looking to leverage VoIP technology in their operations.

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