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Empower your business communications with advanced and cost-effective telephony solutions from alt telecom. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our comprehensive range of features—from basic call handling to sophisticated conference systems—ensures that every call counts. Dive into our offerings and discover how we can enhance your business connectivity and productivity.

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Basic Features

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Call Hold

Temporarily place any call on hold with the touch of your  phone’s HOLD button.

Voicemail to Email

Assign individual voicemail boxes for each extension, enhancing privacy and accessibility.

Call Transfer (Attended and Blind)

Seamlessly transfer calls to another extension or an external number, either with or without speaking to the transferee first.

Call Park

Park a call at a designated extension, allowing anyone in the network to retrieve it later.

3-Way Calling

Easily add a second caller during a conversation using your phone’s CONF button.

Inter Extension Calling

Free calling between extensions on the same account to keep internal communication cost-effective.

Caller-ID Name & Number

Manage how your identity appears to others with customizable caller ID options.

Music On Hold

Engage callers with classical music when on hold, providing a pleasant waiting experience.

Advanced Features

For the same low price.

Ring Groups

Configure calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously across multiple users or SIP phones, ensuring calls are never missed.

Visual Voicemail

Check and manage your voicemails through the web user portal, offering a modern and intuitive way to handle messages.

Toll-Free Numbers

Offer customers a toll-free number to contact your business without charges, enhancing accessibility and satisfaction.

Conference Rooms

Host virtual meetings with your own dedicated conference bridge, facilitating collaboration.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Never miss a call with call forwarding options that reach you at your mobile, regardless of your location.

Faxing (Send & Receive)

Reliable faxing via our Portal or over VoIP using the T.38 standard to send and receive faxes traditionally.

Multiple Offices & Home Offices

Register and use our SIP phones from any location under the same account, perfect for distributed teams.

Call History with Searching

Maintain detailed logs of all calls, accessible via each staff member’s web portal with robust search capabilities.



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