Case Studies

Discover how we are transforming communications for municipalities and businesses alike. 

Explore our detailed case studies below to see the real-world impact of our innovative technologies.

Town of Portugal Cove - St. Philip’s

Learn how the Town of Portugal Cove - St. Philip’s effortlessly transitioned to a modern VoIP system with our solutions, achieving remarkable cost savings and simplicity in communication. 

Delve into the case study to see the transformation in action.

Town of Pasadena

Discover how the Town of Pasadena utilized their extensive Wireless network to integrate our VoIP solutions across multiple municipal buildings, enhancing operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

Explore the full case study for all the innovative details.

JCL Investments Inc.

Explore how JCL Investments Inc. leverages alt telecom's VoIP solutions combined with Starlink technology to ensure seamless communication across urban offices and remote construction sites.

Read how we effortlessly connect complex operations in our complete case study. 

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